by Julieta Chiara
Here at Velvet Co., we invite you to shed inhibitions and embrace the allure of the "sex on the beach" fantasy.This classic fantasy evokes images and feelings like, vibrant sunsets, and the gentle caress of waves against the shore. But before you dive straight in, we wanted to uncover some tips and tricks to make sure all goes well. So, jump in and join us as we learn everythingwe need to know about the real sex on the beach tips and tricks. 

1. Is it safe to have sex in the ocean?

I would strongly recommend NOT having sex in the ocean, as you don't know if the water is clean + salt water can be extremely irritating to the genitals when having sex. Think sex ON the beach, not IN the beach lol!

2. Can you use condoms in the water?

While you could, it won't be the most comfy + more change for condom breakage. Contrary to the popular belief, sex in water is hard - there is less lubrication, and most folks find it difficult. Bring lube, and do it outside instead.

3. Is it possible to contract disease or infections from your surroundings on the beach?

That's absolutely a possibility: You're outside, you don't know if the water or surfaces are clean, and sand can cause microtears which can be super irritating. Last time I had sex on the beach, I wasn't mindful of the sand and ended up with very swollen labia for a week!

4. Is sex on the beach legal?

Not exactly but.... be strategic, find a private spot, or wait until late in the night to have your quick beach fun!

5. What should you pack if you're planning for this?

  • Bring a towel or tarp to protect your bodies from the sand or dirty surfaces
  • Bring lube + condoms (we love Gleam lube)
  • Make sure your genitals aren't covered in sand when you start
  • Bring a sneaky toy like a vibe from Voila Boutique
  • Gleam's antibacterial toy spray can be great for spraying down whatever surface you'll have sex on!


6. Have you ever had sex on the beach??

One night in Tulum, with plenty of alcohol, my friend and I got carried away naked on the beach and decided to have sex on the shore: This resulted in full back abrasions from neck to butt, my labia very swollen, and a nasty yeast infection for a week from the salt water disrupting my vaginal pH. What worked better the next time was finding a beach bed, laying a towel down, and enjoying a VIEW of the ocean 🤣